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Chinamen – We Just Work Here (2009)

We Just Work Here Cover Art

Primer EP de estos Rock’n’Roll motherfuckers.


1.West Memphis Truckstop Hooker 02:45

2.Good Guys 02:13

3.Keep My Name Out Yer Mouth 02:05

4.(Do The) Bounce Around 02:43

5.Blue Balls Ballad 02:08

6.Never Ever 02:00

7.Ruvs You 01:31

8.Rubber Ball 02:39

9.(All’s That I’m Gonna Miss Is That) Fire Ass Pussy 03:32

10.i’m A Sucker

Chinamen – Chinamen (2011)

Chinamen Cover Art

Rock’n’Roll Motherfucker y Sucio muy en la onda Guitar Wolf. Sin minimo de pago, pero no está de más una ayudita.


1.West Memphis Truckstop Hooker 02:28

2.Good Guys 02:02

3.See You Tomorrow 02:34

4.(All’s That I’m Gonna Miss Is That) Fire Ass Pussy 03:18

5.(Do The) Bounce Around 02:32

6.Physics 02:08

7.Hook-Up Boogie 01:34

8.Ugly Dress 00:47

9.Pentagram Baby 02:32

10.Wave of Bitches 02:12

11.Pink Fever 02:10