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Meadow Flow – Here Lies Loomis (2005)

Here Lies Loomis Cover Art

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  1. Yawn & Stretch
  2. Long Way Down
  3. normal, IL
  4. 1.5
  5. Mussing Off Center
  6. Virgin Mary
  7. Like Children
  8. Here Lies loomis

Meadow Plow – You Do An Awfully Good Impression Of Yourself (2007)

You Do An Awfully Good Impression Of Yourself Cover Art

Otra Joyita del mismo palo.


  1. Yawn & Stretch
  2. Song In My pocket
  3. Norrin Radd
  4. As I Walked Out
  5. Quaalude The Interlude
  6. Sparks
  7. like Children
  8. London
  9. Virgin Mary


Meadow Plow – The Smoke I Know As Breathing (2007)

The Smoke I Know As Breathing Cover Art

Indie Lo-Fi desde New Orleans que puede recordar a los Cocorosie en plan introspectivo. Baja calidad de sonido, pero ideal para acompañar una tarde tranquila, café incluido.


  1. SXcience Says
  2. Norrin Radd
  3. Aerial Tour
  4. A Family of Insects
  5. Jazzing at Shroom Fest
  6. Tarantulalala
  7. Puppets
  8. Lugosi
  9. Tak Yer Lif
  10. Smoke